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Terry Ali

  Joined: Dec 12 2000
  Certifications: CCAC, ICADC
  Student: No      Retired: No

  Highly developed skills at treating clients with Substance Use Disorders and Severe Mental Health Issues. My skill set also extends to those with multiple medical complexities and Criminal Justice matters. My training provides me with a perspective on recovery that does not focus on the concept of success, rather I focus my skills at meeting clients at the stage they present at. Through my 27 + years career I have advanced from Paraprofessional positions to Advanced Counselling, Relapse Prevention and Discharge Planning. I also have experience serving on multiple boards and committees i.e. Client Admission & Review Board; Program Development & Planning Board; Staff Wellness etc. Additionally, from 1994 to 2010 I received training and experience serving with a specialized team comprised of a Mental Health and Addiction Psychiatrist; several Mental Health and Addictions GP's; several Mental Health and Addictions RN's and a Registered Nurse Practitioner.

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