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Catarina Witt

  Joined: Jun 7 2017
  Student: No      Retired: No

  An accomplished and devoted human services professional with a combined 17 years’ experience developing federally funded professional programs/projects, counseling programs, case management and supervising treatment foster teams with a specialization in the areas of addictions and FASD. This experience involves program development and delivery, direct client work in counseling, prevention strategies and educational alcohol, drug and gambling programming to adults and youth. I am experienced in effectively working with and motivating change within a variety of populations. I have proactively and dramatically increased awareness and knowledge of AODG issues among marginalized youth and adults, having implemented educational programs throughout the Manitoba justice, health care, social services and education systems. I have stepped in to create informative presentations on AODG issues and substance abuse and healthy lifestyle, effective parenting after identifying a lack of educational resources for various community members. Notably, developed and delivered a federally funded Brief Intervention Training and Advanced Brief Intervention training curriculum throughout the province of Manitoba. I am currently employed as a FASD Program Development & Implementation Specialist for a program funded by Manitoba Youth Corrections, Manitoba Healthy Child and Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. I have an accomplished understanding of and sensitivity to working with culturally diverse populations including various First Nation communities throughout the province through personal and professional experience. Offering superior assessment and treatment plan/management expertise as well as ample experience in program development and implementation. Led and guided treatment teams as a Treatment Foster Parent of FASD youth, following the mandate and objectives of Winnipeg Child and Family Services. My primary professional roles at the moment include addictions counselling withyouth diagnosed with FASD, completing assessment as an Additions Specialist for the Province of Manitoba in the Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit and working independently as an Action Therapist with High Risk youth.

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