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Paula Langdon-Hanlon

  Joined: Aug 12 2009
  Certifications: CCAC, CCS-AC, BSc, RPN
  Student: No      Retired: No

  Hello, I am a Nurse Consultant specializing in opiate addiction treatment and subscribe to the harm reduction approach. I believe in a client focused comprehensive treatment plan with a primary focus in counselling. Pharmaceuticals may be necessary, depending on the needs of the client. My experience has brought me to many places in Ontario including Bancroft, Peterborough, Toronto, Midland and Manitoulin Island. I have discovered that each geographic location presents with its own unique set of strengths and challenges. As an allied Health Care Professional with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) we can step up our services by providing increased accessibility to treatment in remote areas. Through the combination of referrals and video conferencing, we have been effective in the fight against addiction. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science: Neuropsychology / Registered Practical Nurse / Canadian Certified Clinical Supervisor / Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor / Certification in Opiate Dependence Treatment (camh) / Certification in Deescalating Potentially Violent Situations / Certification in Teaching and Training Adults / ECG Certified Technician / Phlebotomist Specialty: Drawing blood from drug addicts who have scarred and sclerosed veins. EXPERIENCE (20 yrs) Condensed highlights include: Manager, Opiate Addiction Clinics (Peterborough, Midland), Nurse Consultant, Presenter & Trainer (First Step Medical Clinics), Allied Healthcare Professional, Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) / Founding member: Opiate Safety Group, (Peterborough), Guest speaker: Substance Use Strategy Network (Bancroft), Chigamik Community Health Centre (MIdland), Adam Scott Collegiate (Peterborough). Past Member: Community Safety Group (Midland), Communication Education Panel (Peterborough). Volunteer: Peterborough Disabilities Association / Liaison: CAS, Probation & Parole and other community resources / Court Expert Witness as an Opiate Addiction Specialist.

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