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Hussein Ossudallah

  Joined: Sep 26 2014
  Certifications: CCAC, CCS, CCS-AC, ABMP, ABMPP, Ph D
  Student: No      Retired: No

  Hussein (Alex) Ossudallah, Ph.D. CCAC, ABMP, ABMPP, CCS. Tel: 604-773 -2141 Email: Personal Mission Statement Building stronger communities by cultivating, nurturing and advocating for individual and social change as well as supporting vulnerable populations to enhance the quality of their lives in all regards possible. Personal Philosophy What separates a leader from another human being is that a leader knows who he/she is as a human being Counselling Services Holistic Inner Journey Clinic / New Approach *Addressing the impacts of addictions on the emotional, mental, social and physical health of vulnerable populations within the following areas: Family & intimate partner violence, anger management, parent teen conflict, grief & loss, intergenerational trauma from systemic abuse (including residential schools), adolescent self-harm & suicide ideation due to family hardships, poverty, and child abuse (neglect, emotional, physical and sexual abuses). *Addressing adjustments to Canadian norms and values, supporting clients develop effective communication skills, life & social skills through coaching and mentoring, problem solving, and coping by providing eclectic counseling interventions drawing from a myriad of models including psychodynamic, mindfulness based therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, client-centred approach & signs of safety. Qualities/Strengths * A mission driven, innovative, collaborative & transparent, analytical & strategic thinker, exceptional interpersonal skills working a diverse population with appropriate tact & diplomacy by practicing solution focused & appreciative inquiry based techniques while being assertive, motivative, & inspiring. Public speaking and presentations are part of my professional passions. * Strong desire and dedication to teach/train and to contribute towards the personal and professional growth of staff by applying different training modalities including; GROW, SIMPLE, SMART, Supervisory Skills, Conflict and the Work Place, Modification-Minimizing and Eliminating Problems at Work Place, Dealing with Difficult Employees (P/P1+P2+P3). Advocating for proactive approach to Holistic wellness of the Person served while practicing Solution Focused and Appreciative Inquiry techniques. * Facilitating workshops regarding Conflict at work Place, Supervisory Skills Training, Psychology of HOPE for Vulnerable individuals & Youth at High Risks, as well as, the application of Multi-Theoretical Approaches to Early Interventions promoting healthy relationships between Parents and Children. *Conducting Clinical Assessment & Motivational / Behavioural / Personality Assessment. Researched and Developed a Comprehensive Wellness Manual (3 volumes) Addressing all aspects of Mental Health & Addictions issues impacting the vulnerable populations affected by poverty, unemployment, housing, identity crisises, poor self-esteem, dual diagnoses and mental health treatment using trauma informed/aboriginal based, mindfulness, CBT, client centered as well as reality based therapy. “AFFILIATION –PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION” Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor No: 15-000-015- CCAC Certified Clinical Associate at American Board of Medical Psychotherapists Reg. No: 1195-11- ABMP Certified Member of American Board of Medical Psychotherapist & Psych -diagnostician Reg. No: 3154-13 – ABMPP Certified Clinical Supervisor- CCS

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