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Colleen Hillock

  Joined: Sep 29 2015
  Certifications: CCAC, CCS-AC
  Student: Yes      Retired: No

  Colleen Hillock M.Ed., is the Coordinator of the Addictions Counselling Program at Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada since its’ inception in 1996. She is the lead faculty of the counselling and internship aspects of the program, which includes research, theory and clinical practice addressing alcohol, drug and gambling addictions as well as eating, and sexual disorders. Originally hailing from Montreal, Quebec she has been a conference speaker and facilitator of a wide range of workshops, addressing topics such as sex addiction in women, work addiction within the organization, ethical dilemmas for counselling educators when using self in counsellor training and intimacy challenges in romance and relationship addictions. She has presented to and worked with various professionals at an individual, group and organizational level, both nationally and internationally. Over the past 30 years, Colleen continues to maintain a private practice in addictions counselling To support her undying fascination with the addictive process, she trains with Elizabeth Anne Wilson Schaef and the Living in Process Network. An advocate of the 12-step program, a community peer based group that provides support for the resulting dysfunction that comes from addiction as it manifests at the personal, interpersonal, societal and global planes; she is convinced of a spiritual path towards recovery. As a promoter for lifelong learning, Colleen is currently a Social Work student in the BSW Learning Circles program with the University of Calgary.

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