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Crystal Smalldon

Executive Director

Crystal Smalldon is the Executive at the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF).

She attended Niagara College, Brock University and Carleton University where she studied Social Work, Political Science and Law before launching her career into Campaign Management, Emergency Disaster Leadership, and Operations Management. She has completed with honours the Mount Royal University Addictions Counselling Program. Most recently, Crystal was the Fundraising Director for a major political leadership campaign. Although given a challenging and seemingly unattainable goal; she motivated her volunteer staff, grew relationships with key stakeholders, and connected with political investors allowing for the achievement of the one-million-dollar goal. She has been a key logistics management team member, allowing for seamless visits by the Prime Minister and other senior level government representatives to ridings across Canada. Her 13 year commitment to Emergency Disaster Services has had her leading a team of counsellors tending to the needs of victims of tragedy during major crisis. Her success can almost always be traced back to her demonstrated professionalism, complex understanding of government operations, ability to build a winning team, and confident negotiation skills.  After her decade long career in high-level political positions and Disaster Management, Crystal joined the CACCF team in March 2015, where she is focused on the strategic implementation of the CACCF master plan to ensure regulation of Addiction Counsellors across Canada.

Crystal currently resides in Ottawa with her 2 teenage daughters Cassidy and Alyssa, and their little white rough tough creampuff puppy Lexie, but she can rarely be found sitting still and not initiating some creative campaign or lobbying for the prosperity and security of Canadians.

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