Associate Addiction Counsellor

$75.00 +tax

This entry level certificate is intended for students, counsellors in training, or new graduates working towards completing their CCAC or ICADC certification.


To be an Associate Addiction Counsellor you must be attending, or have completed, education in one of our pre- approved programs.


AAC’s application fee is $75.00 plus applicable taxes and must be included with the application. You must be a current member to apply for this certification. Membership fee for this certification is $60.00 per year (with full time enrollment in school).

AAC’s must renew their certification every year.

1. You must have an active CACCF membership at renewal time.
2. Submit a full application with all documents required


Each year the AAC must provide proof that they are registered in an approved program, continuing their education in the addiction field, or that they are in the field working towards their CCAC or ICADC.