Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review Committee

The CACCF Curriculum Review committee consists of faculty and  other professionals experienced with curriculum development and delivery at a post-secondary level. All curriculum reviewers are experienced faculty trained in curriculum development and reviewing at recognized post-secondary educational institutions. Its purpose is to review curriculum to ensure the content meets the requirements of the educational competencies (skills and knowledge) of the various certifications offered by CACCF.

Affidavits will be signed by each reviewer prior to the review to ensure confidentiality of course or program content and to guarantee that the content will not be compromised or shared with other institutions. Reviews may be done for individual courses or entire programs. Fees will be based on course and program length.

Once the curriculum meets the requirements the committee recommends that the CACCF  recognize and accredit the courses or program submitted. Once that is done the program educational institution and program is sent a letter of approval, a certificate of approval and accreditation and added to the CACCF Resources section of our website.

Curriculum Review

Purpose of a Curriculum Review

To review curriculum submitted by recognized post-secondary training institutions with a primary focus on addictions and mental health to ensure that they meet the criteria and competencies required for both Canadian and International Certifications. 

Students look for post secondary institutions that are accredited by the CACCF curriculum review process to ensure they are receiving the best  possible education .

Curriculum Review


All training programs from such institutions as universities, colleges, private career colleges and technical institutes must result in a recognized credential such as a certificate, diploma, degree or post graduate degree.  All courses within the programs must have formal assessment and evaluation components with formal recognized transcripts containing final marks upon completion.

Upon review of the curriculum the results will be sent to the institution indicating whether or not the course or program meets or exceeds the requirements or will provide feedback as to what is needed to meet the requirements.

Upon successfully meeting the requirements CACCF will issue  a letter of approval, a certificate of approval and accreditation and add the course or program to the CACCF website.

Under no circumstances will CACCF be responsible for the delivery of the curriculum, provide comparisons of curriculum or comment on PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and recognition) or transfer of credit between institutions. That is the function of each institution.

Reviews will be required every 5 years. Institutions will be notified in advance of their renewal date

Curriculum Review

Application Process

  1. Review all information regarding curriculum review. Please email to request a Curriculum Review Application.
  2. Obtain copies of all course outlines and assessment strategies.
  3. Compare all relevant competences in the CACCF template to the competencies in your own courses.   
  4. Complete the template with as much detail as possible including the course name, course code and location of the learning outcomes for every course submitted.
  5. Provide to the CACCF all required documents (template, additional information) with the Curriculum Review Application

Curriculum Review


Fees are based on the length and detail of the courses and programs submitted. Please click the relevant payment structure for what you are submitting.  This will take you to the payment page.  Once payment is processed please ensure all documents are sent to  

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