NON CCS-ACS Provisional Certification – ONTARIO ONLY


The NON CCS-ACS credential is being assigned to you in a provisional status. NON CCS-ACS stands for NON Reciprocal Certified Clinical Supervisor – ACTING Clinical Supervisor

Upon approval, you will have fulfilled the necessary professional requirements and will be awarded as an Approved NON CCS-ACS by CACCF.

This recognition shall be valid only in the provinces with which we have the Get-A-Head telemedicine platform available – as of July 28, 2022, it is only Ontario.

There is no cost for this Provisional Credential and it will be automatically assigned to you if you qualify.

Please request an application via email if you have not already received your automatically assigned credential and believe you are valid for it, by clicking below. You may also submit any questions you may have through this link.

The CACCF Team