Meet The Chair

Tejinder Gill

Tejinder Gill

Treasurer / PCR Committee Chair


Tejinder has been a member of the Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) since October 2013. He attained his International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counsellor (I.C.A.D.C.) designation through CACCF in 2014. He also attained Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor (C.C.A.C.) in January of 2017.  In September of 2016 he was selected with other Subject Matter Experts across the country to help develop the first Addictions exam for CACCF.

What is the PCR / Ethics Committee?


Hello CACCF Members,

CACCF is seeking new Committee Members to help adjudicate Professional Conduct Reviews.

The Professional Conduct Review (PCR) Team meets only when there are PCR’s to review. This can be once per year or several times per year.

You are only required to adjudicate 1 PCR per year, however you can participate in as many as you wish.

The role of the PCR Team is to be non partial, non bias and fact based investigators of allegations of ethical misconduct.

You do receive training and practice!

Each PCR you conduct, will result in those hours being counted towards your CEU requirements.

You will also receive a badge for your email and website that identifies you as a PCR team member.

If this committee is of interest to you, please fill out our Committee Sign Up form

The CACCF Team

Committee Members:

Abigail Ajodha

Angelo Guzzo

Ann-Marie Simpson Hill

Anthony Fenton

Betti Delorey

Brenda Atkin

Brenda Hearn

Brenda Sedgwick

Burton O’Soup

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Cassie Gensorek

Darrin Murphy

Darrin Taylor

Dave Vollrath

Dawn King

Dean Anderson

Ed Aryee

Eileen Maloney-White

Giselle Moussallam

Greg Clarke

Heather Moss

Jackie Paul

Jeremy Williams

Kathleen Scott

Laura Paul

Liana Sullivan

Lorena Colbourne

Mandeep Sandhu RP

Meredith Moore

Michael Gillis

Mike Hannon

Molly MacLean

Peter Mastroianni

Rachel Kilback

Rajini Tarcicius

Rick Csiernik

Sarah Ventura-Wright

Terry Corbin

Tim Deloughery

Tom Bowlware

Trevor Mason

Yves Arseneau