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Roly Gatin Award


Roly Gatin was a pioneering addiction counsellor in western Canada who was the former Director of the Pine Lodge Rehabilitation Centre from Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Roly was instrumental in the formation, promotion and development of the Addictions Intervention Association (AIA) that is now known as the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF). Through his hard work and dedication, he was instrumental in bringing in the IC&RC standards to the then named AIA that evolved into today's CACCF that is now internationally recognized not only throughout the USA, but in 13 other countries.

Unfortunately, Roly passed away from cancer in 1997. The Board at the time wanted to honour a Board Member who provided outstanding service and performance while they served on the Board of Directors and in recognition of his exceptional service, Roly Gatin was the first recipient of this award that was named in his memory.


The recipient of the award is selected by the present Board of Directors of the CACCF and is presented at the Annual General Meeting to a Board member who has made an outstanding contribution in the advancement of professional certification of addiction specialists.


  • 2015 Nick Ringma
  • 2014 Tom Tuppenney
  • 2012 Barb Robinson
  • 2011 Jeff Wilbee
  • 2010 William(Bill) Gilliland (posthumously)
  • 2009 Don Perkins
  • 2008 Don Keast
  • 2007 Judy Bannerman
  • 2006 Wilfred Bowering
  • 2005 Jim Seager
  • 2004 Bill Hayden
  • 2003 Diane Frederick
  • 2002 David Wood
  • 2001 Andre Bouchard
  • 1999 Roger Mageau
  • 1998 Linda Bell
  • 1997 Roly Gatin (posthumously)

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