Alex is a business leader with a consultative/collaborative approach and extensive experience in business development, change management, relationship management, strategic planning, and in the area of high emotional intelligence within the non- profit and private sectors.  An MBA background coupled with a proven track record of accomplishments with multi-stakeholders in developing team-based approaches to solve complicated problems with non-linear solutions.


● Developed in conjunction with stakeholders overdose prevention program in Canada

●Strategized to create a member’s bill in the Ontario Legislature to create and protect Naloxalone funding with two successive governments in two different political parties.

● Merged/acquired companies with total valuation exceeding $150MM
● Created successful communication pathways between Ministry of Education and its largest union avoiding province-wide work action`
● Developed and ran successful third-party political campaigns influencing recent elections in Canada
● Spearheaded fund creation and fund management
● Strong Indigenous Relations across Canada
● Developed strong relationships with investment bankers, merchant banks

● Board Member of Indigenous and Black Led businesses