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Value of Certification

CACCF members belong to an international consortium that recognizes your certification in 13 countries and 41 states. They have the added worth of a certification process that is valid, reliable and legally defensible, in order to protect the public from the incompetent practitioner.

Our Goals

  • To promote, certify and monitor the competency of addiction specific counsellors in Canada using current and effective practices, which are internationally recognized.
  • To provide public protection for counsellors, employers, regulatory agencies, clients and their families, through certification and its professional conduct review.
  • To provide its counsellors with a quality, professional, credible and legal certification, offering personal pride and satisfaction.

Reasons for CACCF Certification

  • To assure to the public a minimum level of competency for quality service by alcoholism and drug addiction counsellors.
  • To give professional recognition to qualified alcohol and drug addiction counsellors through a process that examines demonstrated work competency.
  • To assure an ongoing opportunity for alcohol and drug counsellors to further their professional development and education in the field.
  • To enable alcohol and drug counsellors to become eligible for reimbursement for the professional health care services.

Standards of Practice

The addictions profession is recognized by the following components:

  • Professional practice based on a specialized body of knowledge.
  • Addiction counsellors competently apply knowledge Addiction counselling provides a service to the public Addiction professionals are bound by a code of ethics.
  • The addictions profession is self-regulating.
  • Addiction professionals are responsible and accountable.

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